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Gloria Huffman

Gloria Sun Productions, LLC
Founder & CEO
Stamford, CT (USA)
Founder & CEO of Gloria Sun Productions, LLC. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, currently live in Stamford, CT. 3 degrees (B.A. Music & French, M.A.T. French & Education, M.M. Piano Performance) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (with a year at Lyons, France, and summer courses in Salamanca, Spain), was married to a Spaniard, taught high school French, Spanish and Latin, spent a decade in New York City doing secretarial work and computer programming, and received Certificates of Proficiency in French and Spanish from the United Nations. Piano/vocal performer/composer/arranger and private piano instructor in Connecticut for 20+ years. I specialize in creating high quality "metric match" English singing translations, mostly from French and Spanish. Examples available to the public: (1) Apres un reve (After A Dream), by Romain Bussine 1877-78 (music by Faure), (2) La Marseillaise (The Spirit of Marseille), the French national anthem, by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle 1792. Examples completed, not yet available: (1) Aranjuez, mon amour (Aranjuez, O My Love), by Guy Bontempelli 1967 (music by Rodrigo), sung by Richard Anthony, (2) Navidad Nuestra (Our Christmas), by Felix Luna 1965 (music by Ramirez): go here to sign a petition (bottom right corner of the page) to show Warner's music division, Alfred Music Publishing, that there's a market for my English version of this wonderful music - http://gloriahuffman.instantencore.com/web/home.aspx.

My website is www.gloriasunproductions.com. You can buy my Apres un reve (After A Dream) -- and more -- on my Facebook Page (Gloria Sun Productions, LLC) and at my website store: https://id144230.webhosting.optonline.net/gloriasunproductions.com/merchantmanager/

Enjoy my work and please spread the word!